Where it Started.

2017 was the year that what I believed as a Christian was challenged. Instead of listening to commentaries and other people, I decided to dig into the bible. And most importantly, ask God to show me HIS perfect truth.

The result of this was coming to the understanding that there were things that God wanted from me that I was not doing, one of which was keeping the food commandments in Leviticus 11.

“Don’t Eat That.”

As I searched for understanding, while standing in the deli section of a grocery store about to buy a package of pepperoni, God told me “Don’t eat that.” I did not need any more convincing at that point. God had given me the confirmation I needed.

After that, I went home and cleaned out my pantry, freezer and refrigerator of all the things that I clearly knew were not considered clean in Leviticus. Getting rid of the pork chops and hot dogs was easy. It was when I started researching and realized that pork and bugs were used to make many of the things we consumed daily that the process got very overwhelming. I remember thinking to myself, I can’t eat anything anymore! But there was no going back. This was not an opinion or random diet idea. This was obedience to my God. So I toughed it out.

Leviticus Eleven

Eventually I found better alternatives to what we had been eating, I learned to cook from scratch the things I would no longer buy because of the ingredients, and we are happier and healthier for it.

It has been on my heart to share this with others so that the process does not have to be as time consuming and daunting as it was for me, especially in the beginning. My prayer is that this website will prove to be a resource that will help you as you go on your Leviticus 11 eating journey. Our creator knew exactly what we needed when He created us. Let’s trust Him with our diet like we trust Him with our souls!

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