Eating the Way God Intended.

This is the soon-to-be home of a website that will have the resources you need to confidently and successfully eat biblically clean. Resources will include:

A database of foods you can search to find out if a certain food is clean or unclean

Information on questionable animal derived ingredients and alternatives to common foods that are on the unclean list

General health and healthy lifestyle information

Leviticus Eleven: A Biblical Guide to Clean Eating

Are you new to eating based on Leviticus 11? Or you’re overwhelmed but excited with heading down this clean eating path? Are you well into your journey and want to expand your knowledge or looking for something to recommend to your fellow believers? Look no further! This quick-read will give you the understanding and knowledge you will need to be able to successfully and confidently discern between clean and unclean foods.

Our prayer is that this book along with this website will be a useful resource for you as you go on your clean eating journey.

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